Remote Sequence Variables

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We have currently been running is simple runtime mode without problems.

we are now switching to a Client / Server Mode.

The remote connection to the 'Aquire Mode' Server is fine for chanel data, the problem we have is.

the sequences produce other data on the fly which is used to control graphics / logging.

on the Server all is fine, the operator clicks a button, the sequence runs,

Example, the operator has a Master speed value, that value is stored within a Global Variable, and used via the Sequences to calculate speed.

On the remote terminal there is no acces to the Global Variable's declared on the Server Project ???

How can i get the viewer to pass variables into Server Global Variables ????


Please Get another receptionist ???

One of these days I will phone and get something other than an Answere Machine!!!!


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Simply create Test channels with Timing = 0 and copy your global variables over to them. Use the D to A I/O type if you want to use "tagName = " in script, or use A to D if you want to use "tagname.addvalue()". The second is slightly faster, but less readable.

As for the receptionist, we primarily communicate over email and forum, and in most cases this will get you the fastest response. We could hire another receptionist but we'd have to charge more for DAQFactory just to have them sit there all day. Despite the rather large user count, we get surprisingly few support phone calls. Hell, if you call the big companies, sure you might talk to someone after waiting on hold for 10 minutes, but it is unlikely that they can give you much more than the time of day, or maybe something out of the manual, much less the level of support we offer. To keep our costs down, and thus your costs and to get the best response, we encourage you to email us or use the forum for your questions. If you really want to talk to someone, email us your phone number and a time to reach you and we'll have an actual engineer who can answer your technical questions call you.

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