Trend Plot and Trend Plot and Indian Blanket Color Threshold values being variables

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We would like to have Color Threshold Values of Trend Plots and Indian Blankets to be product file variables so that we can change them from one product to the other.

We were told by one of your gurus the following: ''You have to name the component, then use the ClearColors() and AddColors() functions of the component to rebuild the color map.''

We tried and failed. Actually, ClearColors() and AddColors() functions are not in the drop down list either.

It will be very much appreciated if you could provide a solution to this problem.

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We were referring to the Indian Blanket (Image Component), not the Trend Graph, as it was never mentioned that you wanted to do this with the trend graph. The trend graph does not support programmatic changing of colors when using multicolor traces. You can change the color of a trace programmatically, but not if its a multicolor trace.

If you only have a couple different choices, you can always create duplicate graphs with different color settings and only make one visible at the time. All components have a visible variable, as well as position variables.

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