Decoding a bipolar signal using DAQ factory


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I am getting a waveform as shown in the attachment.

The waveform is representing 0 to 5 volt logic.

Here 14 bits are represented and a 0 is represented using a low to high transition and a 1 is represented using a high to low transition.When there is no data , signal will stay at 5 volts constantly.

The time period for each bit is 1.78 ms long, with half of that period high and the other half low. The duration for the complete

14-bit data is approximately 25 ms.

I want to decode this logic level into binary and hexadecimal.

kindly help me how to do on either u3 or ue9 or u12


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First you'll need to get the data into a channel. Then you can simply run a for loop to cycle through the data. Since the data is spaced evenly, you can use that in your loop to determine which bit you are on. Then its just a matter of looking at the value. But first you need to cycle through once and determine the start and end of the actual waveform.

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