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I use a sequence to generate a distinctive sound when required. The sequence contains the following statement:


Some times it works but I still haven't figured out all of the soundcard settings I need to make so that it works reliably.

Are there any quidlines for using this call as far as setting up the comMACHINEputer. It seems to work better in my Vista OS and I don't know if I have ever managed to make it work in my Windows 7 PC


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It uses whatever the default sound card is and default settings. I have a Windows 7 x64 bit laptop and did:

system.sound.Play("c:\windows\media\raga\windows ding.wav")

which is just a random Windows system sound, and it played just fine, albeit under full DAQFactory, but I believe there is no difference between Express and full DAQFactory when it comes to sounds.

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