Modbus TCP port error


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Hello, good morning.

First excuse me but my English is very bad.

Since two years I work with a DAQFactory and ADAM5000TCP (ModbusTCP protocol).

I have a problem in one aplication. I have 7 ADAM5000TCP and 1 ADAM6017 and a PC with the DAQFactoy Scada.

Many times appears a port locked and timeout error, and the system stop working. This error is ramdom, I start the program and work propertly but after a variable time appears thos error and block the comunication.

The time is variable, someday the error appears after 2 hours and other days after 2 days.

I have tried to delete devices and channels but the error still happening.

Can you help me.

Thanks very much.

PS: I attach the program.


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With strictly Ethernet devices like you have where each device has a separate IP address, I recommend giving your channels different Timing/Offset parameters so that DAQFactory can poll each device concurrently. Leave the Timing at 1.00 for all channels, but change the Offset. So, for all your channels with device Type "ADAM33_34", set Offset to 0. For ADAM35V2, set the offset to 0.01. For ADAM35_36_37, set the offset to 0.02, etc. so that all the channels on a single device have the same offset, but all the devices have their own unique offset. This will greatly increase your through-put.

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