Serial Port sending data problem


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Please find attached file. I am trying to sent a string with serial port."010202360003000000000000000000000366\161"

if I sent manuel on monitor Screen with sent button everthing is working.

Tx: 010202$00030000000000000000000003B\161

Rx: 0102060000000000000000000000000003f\130

But on main page also I put a button and when I press that button on monitor screen I see;

Tx: \01\02\02\36\00\03\00\00\00\00\00\00\00\00\00\00\03\66\\161

Rx: 0102060000000000000000000000000003f\1300102060000000000000000000000000003f\130

there are always two "\". it must be only one "\".

what is the problem?




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\ notation only applies in the monitor window. If you are going to use write() from a string, you have to have the actual binary characters, generated usually using chr() or chra(). If you have a string of binary characters, I suggest chra(). Something like:


I'm assuming of course that what you typed in the forum and what actually appeared in your post are different. The forum software tends to pull out all \'s

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