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hi DaqFactory Gurus

I have a question what is the difference between using alarms (workspace) and alert (sequence)?

because I want to pop-up up a message when my modbus connection fails,

so that the runtime does not have Command/Alerts window.


have a nice day

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An alert is just an error message. We don't pop up error messages because its pretty easy to get the system generating lots of error messages and dismissing all these messages would be very combursome. Instead, we put them in the command alert window. Alarming is for SCADA style alarming with acknowledgement and is for when you want to monitor values and do something when they go out of range and keep the alarm triggered until acknowledgement.

If you want to do a popup, you can use system.messagebox(...) function, however, I recommend using a screen element instead, maybe making the background of a page red, or just some sort of indicator. You'll also have to figure a way to determine if there is comms failure. The easiest way is to look at the timestamp for the most recent data point coming from your comms and compare it to systime().

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