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i need to use a table in a project which i write the barcode data on every read. i created "v" channels for the tables columns but there is something wrong about it. it's writing all the data over the old cell. i'm using an simulation sequence for the barcode(there is no real barcode). in the project which shown at the buttom, when i hit "generate" button the data changing and it senses as new incomming. after five data it has to write a new row. but not. can u help about it?


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in this project , user has a barcode scanner. i need to get that scanned data in each scan to my tables column.

i'm adding file again which has automatic sequence start. so if you push the "generate2" button you may see

that the data will shift next column at the same row. but after five cycling it isn't jump to new row. it's writing

over the old cell! that is happenning in my pc. i can't suggest something myself. thank you for your response !table_component2.ctl

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Its because you have:

v.ilac1[0] = ....

you should have:

v.ilac1 = ...

A couple other things:

1) don't use wait(), use delay()

2) you probably don't need a loop. You should, instead, put everything inside the first if() inside a function that gets called whenever generate changes.

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thank you so much! it worked! and i apply your it's better.

is there any way to query that the tables cells? i know it's not necessary cause i think we may do a table on sql

and then will query that same way...if exists?

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