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We have a multi monitor setup and I wish to have multiple instances of Daqfactory running on each screen

and be able to tie the associated popups to the same screen.

I have tried making an "anchor" as a component, and then using the PositionTop and PositionLeft from the component to set the position but this did not work.

When I moved the instance of DF around, this value did not change.

Is it possible to do this?

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After re reading my post, I juts want to be sure I explained myself correctly.

If I had 4 monitors running from the same computer, and I have 4 Daqfactory programs running like this

Daqfactory1 Daqfactory2

Monitor 1 monitor2

Daqfactory3 Daqfactory3

Monitor 3 monitor4

What I would like to do is have all the pop ups from Daqfactory 1, only show on monitor 1, all pop ups from Daqfactory 2, to show up on monitor 2.

I do not want all pop ups to appear on "the same" monitor.

Currently, it doesn't matter which monitor I have Daqfactory running on, they always reference themselves from the 0,0 of the primary monitor and all pop ups appear on the primary monitor.

If you understood this from the first message, then I thank you for your time and response.

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Yes, popups always reference from 0,0 of your primary monitor. Nothing we can do about that. Also, if you have two copies of DAQFactory running at the same time (why?) then you can't really control where they are going to appear. In fact, they'll appear wherever they were the last time one of the closed.

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