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I am looking into a USB machine vision camera that does come with a DLL that you can access (I think)

See page 86 of the manual in the link below:


I am not a programmer, and most of this is Greek to me, but I have set up DAQ factory to talk to a stepper motor controller through an RS232 interface, where after setting up a connection to the controller as a device, and specifying a protocol, I was able to call functions to the device to control it, works great.

I have been needing DAQ factory to control a machine vision camera for some time now.

Do I understand this correctly: If the camera comes with a driver like the one in the link above with a known set of functions, can DAQ factory be set up to talk to the driver, call the functions and control the camera.

I want DAQ factory be able to configure the cameras settings then tell it to capture JPEG images and save them, it looks like the camera has functions for all of that, so it sounds possible. 

If anyone can take a quick look at the manual in the link above and tell me if this looks doable, any information would be greatly appreciated!






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You should be able to access this camera by using DAQFactory's extern() functions to bring in the necessary functions from their DLL.  This is NOT a webcam, but a scientific CCD so the functions we were talking about in DAQFactory for communicating with a web cam do not apply unless they have some sort of web cam emulator, which I doubt.  Getting this camera to work is definitely a bit more advanced and requires an understanding of memory management among other things, though you may be able to avoid that by having the driver capture the image to a file, then loading that file into DAQFactory for display.  But that method will be much slower.  You might get an update a second that way.

We can also help you get this working, but since this isn't a commonly used device in DAQFactory, we'd have to charge you for the time required, probably an hour or two depending on how accurate the documentation actually is.  Please contact us directly if you are interested in this.  We'd need to be able to remote into the system with the camera.

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Great thanks. yep I understand this is different then a web cam. 

I was thinking of using it as you described, having their driver write the image file, then display it in DAQ factory. The update frequency that is required is pretty low.

Right now I am doing something similar. I have a system where DAQ Factory sends an analog pulse (from a LAB Jack) to a machine vision vision camera to trigger capture of an image that is saved to a file, the same sequence updates a variable that is the most recent file name, then  I have an image component display it. This I pretty cumbersome, and requires the cameras software to be running, and the camera must be configures properly in its software. 

Having DAQ Factory be able to configure the cameras settings, trigger image capture, and such directly would be awesome.




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