Upgrading 5.36 to 5.84


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I created a control file (.ctl) using DAQFactory Standard 5.84 which continually crashes when run on a field laptop using DAQFactory Lite 5.36. The only thing it's doing is listening to a serial port - no commands issued, no other hardware involved.

There doesn't appear to be a way of recording the license used in our 5.36 installation prior to uninstalling and I'm really uncomfortable installing 5.84 over the top of it. Further, most of our 5.84 licenses are Base version not Lite. How can I safely upgrade this older instance in order to use the .ctl created in 5.84? Will my Lite license be preserved if I simply install over the old one?

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You definitely cannot open a 5.84 document in 5.36. It might open but is unlikely to work. .ctl docs are saved in binary and so are never forward compatible (meaning a 5.36 doc will open in 5.84, but not the reverse).

As for licensing, it doesn't really pay attention to the release. In fact, the simplest solution is to have both installations installed on the same computer, in the same directory. The easiest way to do this is to install 5.36, then rename DAQFactory.exe to DAQFactory536.exe, then install 5.84 right over top of it. Then if you still want to run 5.36, you just start the renamed file.

That said, you can also simply upgrade your 5.36 by installing 5.84 right over top of it. The 5.36 .ctl docs will load in 5.84, but you'll want to give them the once over to make sure there are no issues. There are some minor differences between the two that could cause problems, but its unlikely.

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