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I have 3 DF licenses, 2 starter and 1 lite.

I had re-installed DF starter on my laptop after a new HD and W7 install using the invoice unlock key and download V 5.83. As I was starting to create screen items tonight for a project I noticed that I only have 2 pages available. Should I not have 3?

I can't add another page and Help/About says that it is a starter license. Has something changed or did I screw up something?


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Ha, stumped ya!

When I open a new project in starter I have 3 pages. But I started my project using the supplied timer/counter setup example and 'saved as' my project. When I open the original file it only has 2 pages available.

Another hurdle overcome.

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  • 2 years later...

So I just upgraded to starter from express (modifying a file that I had created on a base system in another lab) and am still limited to just 2 pages. I see that if I start a new file I get the three pages, but is there a way to retrieve that last page without having to start over?

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