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i have a bug on my script but i can't find it! as i see everything is fine in signed line but DF always warning me..

May it coming from "for" loops inside. Can you help me about it. It's getting crazzy for me. i wrote this script to

erase a line from the list.


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You don't break out of the loop after deleting the item, so the loop iterates past the end of recipes because recipes is now 1 element shorter. You should either break out of the loop (better), or change the loop to actually look at numrows(recipes) instead of a variable.

Search() would be a better function to use rather than iterating as well.

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Thank you so much for your help!it woerked. i feel stupid as couldn't see that before sending you.

i read posts about "search" function as its usefull sides than "for" loops before. i'll try this code with "search" ..

thank you again.

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