Animation Speed Issues

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Hi I am a newbie in here,

I am using a USB Keyboard encoder to recieve pulses from buttons that I need to track the total count of the pulses from each set (total of abc etc), in simple terms I am using three sets of 3 keys from a keyboard, lets keep it simple ABC, DEF and GHI, I am currently using char? with the ascii codes to recieve them, I can see the codes come in and can make the values add, but it is slow when it converts the values to any kind of animation process, I would like to use the values to move an object (small image imported to symbol folder) and a progess bar/graph, I have succeeded in doing it but is too slow, it takes 20-30 seconds to represent 4 to 6 depressions, I am expecting around in total of up to 200 across the 9 buttons in less than 10 seconds

Any ideas peeps

thanks for looking


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It would all depend on your implementation. First, the refresh rate of the page is determine by its properties, so you need to ramp that up to say 0.1. Second, depending on how you implemented your code, you may have issues where you are blocking the refresh by your actual code. I'd have to see what you have to really tell you any more detail.

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