Increment component name?

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I'm new here, I searched the forum but didn't find what I was looking for. Hope you can help me.

I want to be able to change a component property for multiple components like this:







but I have 128 of them and wouldn't like to have to write each assignement one by one.. Is there a way I can do this using a for-loop or something like that? Or could you perhaps propose another solution to my problem?

Hope that my question is clear.

Thank you in advance

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Your question is clear, as is the answer: use the execute() function and create the command string dynamically. Something like this:

for (private i = 1, i < 128, i++)
   execute("component.comp" + i + ".visible=V.compcount[" + 128-i)

Note that since I start with a string, I don't have to use doubleToStr() to convert the numbers, the string concatenation operator handles it.

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