Create dynamic Ethernet Server for MobusTCP Slave


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Assume that my IP is

And I have some device with IP:,,

I've read the manual, page 303, i know that "DAQFactory only supports one connection per port for the server".

So can I think i must create 3 sequences, each sequence open a specific port and listen for incoming data.

But I don't know how to do that. Can you help me or suggest me another method?

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It is unclear whether you want DAQFactory to be the server or the client. Most devices are servers meaning DAQFactory initiates the connection to them (and is therefore the client). Very few devices are clients. The quote from the user's guide is for when DAQFactory is the server, not the client.

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I start a new document, named it "Test.ctl".

Then I use Quick->Device Configuration->New Ethernet server, named it "Test8000" because it listen on port 8000 (TCP).

Can I add more Ethernet server listen on port 8001, 8002, 8003,... in "Test.ctl"?

My PC hangup when I add new Ethernet server, I use DAQFactory Pro 5.

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First, I create a file named it "Test IP.ctl".

Then I add new Ethernet server like in "DAQ_01.png" (listen on port 8000, NULL Protocol).

Then I add new Ethernet server (in same document) like in "DAQ_02.png".

But whenever I click button "Save" like in "DAQ_02.png" my PC hangup.

And I don't know why.

In fact, I need DAQFactory act as server and listen on ports: 8000, 8001, 8002, 8003 in same time, same PC. But it sounds stupid if I create 4 documents and then run 4 DAQFActory instances. And I can't dynamically create Ethernet server in DAQFactory.

Do you have any idea? Can I use DAQFactory for my job?



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I use DAQFActory Pro 5.7, installed on a clean Windows XP SP3 (no IIS, no other services or other programs using those ports - I used "netstat -a" command).

Am I using old DAQFActory version that doesn't support more than one Ethernet server in same document? I need to know because I'm going to buy latest DAQFactory Development Edition.


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