Read a String from Database and display on pages


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I need to read an array of String (about 10 elements) and display (no modify) all of them on pages.

But I got 2 problems:

1. DAQ convert my String to number (I've used db.Query() and db.QueryToClass(), still same)

2. I can't display my text on page

Can you help me solve this problem?

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1. This is probably because the fields are Text, not VarChar. DAQFactory doesn't support Blob data types, and thinks they are numbers. You need to used a fixed width string data type in your table

2. Just use global string variables to store the results of your query and use variable value controls to display those string variables.

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Good. Sorry I didn't know the type for your database. While SQL is somewhat standard, there are many different dialects, so to speak, and it seems every database uses a slightly different naming convention for their data types. A "blob" data field is one with unlimited length, usually not indexable, and often stored outside the core binary database structure.

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