Switching to a LabJack U6


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Hello again AzeoTech!

After doing some research, and finding out the U3's resolution isn't high enough for a few of our signals, we are changing over to a U6-Pro...

I just have a few questions as to getting my inputs called correctly, and making sure I'm in the correct input range...

I would want to use the top resolution table 12, have 2 counters enabled, AIN0 set to


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Found the correct parameters -

LJ_rgBIP10V // +/- 10V, i.e. Gain=x1

LJ_rgBIP1V // +/- 1V, i.e. Gain=x10

LJ_rgBIPP1V // +/- 0.1V, i.e. Gain=x100

LJ_rgBIPP01V // +/- 0.01V, i.e. Gain=x1000

Nevermind! :):unsure:

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