DAQ master and client by OPC SERVER


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I have created a DaqFactory application(opc client) to monitor information of a Micrologix 1100 plc. I have needed an OPC server which translate the information (RSLINk Classic of Rockwell Automation). My pc is member of a local network.

Now I want to create a new application in another pc which is in the same network.

Can I use the same OPC server to read the information or I need a new opc server in this pc???

Is it possible to have a DaqFactory apllication client and server at the same time when you use opc???


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DAQFactory is not an OPC server, just a client. Most likely you can have two DAQFactory OPC clients reading the same OPC server over the network. You have to have DCOM setup correctly and your OPC server must support it. I do not know the details of setting up DCOM, but softwaretoolbox.com has a nice piece on their site about it. I believe it is this one:


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