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I can't seem to get graphs to plot variables correctly in some situations. In the attached file, if you click the "Plot Using Pre Defined Vars" button, it runs a sequence that populates two variables with arrays of pre-defined values. This plots fine, and the values show in the table correctly.

The other button starts a sequence that prompts the user for the x any y values. It appers to update the arrays ok, as shown in the table, but only one point is shown on the graph.


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The problem is almost certainly alignment. XY graphs by default try and align the two traces based on time. That way you can do an XY graph of data being taken once a second with one being taken twice a second and not worry about the fact that one array of data is twice the size. However, if you are manually adding data, you are likely not setting the time, so alignment isn't working well. You can turn off align by going to the Bottom Axis settings and setting the Align Thresh to -1.

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