Descriptive Text List Import/Export

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Is there a way to import and export the message lists for Descriptive Text Objects to some common format like CSV? I have some objects with several hundred messages, so that would be helpful. I use that feature frequently to maintain the channel tables.

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If you have that many options, I'd consider using a different technique: use a lookup table and a variable value control. To do this, you'll need to create a string variable:

global string messages

Then either assign in script, or use File. functions, especially file.readDelim() to load them from a file. So, in script it might just be:

messages[0] = "first message"

messages[1] = "second message"


Then in the variable value control, just put:


where lookupValue is the expression you used in the descriptive text component. This assumes that those values will be integers and will go from 0 up without skipping. If the numbers are more random, you might need to use a second lookup table for those values:

global messageIndex

messageIndex[0] = 3

messageIndex[1] = 5

Then use the search function in the variable value control:

messages[search(messageIndex >= lookupValue)]

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