Starting DAQFactory with CTL file at XP start up


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The user guide shows how to run a CTL file automatically by making a shortcut to DAQFactory with the CTL file on the command line and I have used this without any problems.

When I have tried to add DAQFactory with its CTL file to automatically start as Windows XP boots up I have had difficulties as many of the third party start up managers don't seem to like a path for the CTL file (No \ : etc allowed) can you suggest how to auto boot to DAQFactory with its CTL file. I have DAQFactory in C: as the installer places it by default with a Samples Sub Directory where my CTL document resides. Are there any likely problems? I remember some long time ago (before this forum started!) you mentioned that there could be problems running DAQFactory before Windows had fully established itself.



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1) try putting the path in quotes


2) just put the shortcut in the Startup folder of your Start menu.

Yes, sometimes DAQFactory can start too quickly, but you can often get around this by adding a delay() in your startup sequence before initializing everything. Usually the issue has to do with things like virtual comm port drivers and other late-load 3rd party drivers.

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