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I've got an animation setup to display a rotating pump impeller. I made the symbol in Open Office Draw and it pasted into the symbol component fine and appears normally on screen. I added it three times with rotation angles and set the order and it animates. But the symbol is changing it's aspect ratio as it rotates. The first frame with zero rotation displays normally but the second and third frames which each rotate 15 degrees display with a shortened height.

BTW the symbol is a simple impeller made from eight rectangles arraigned like the spokes of a wheel with a circle for a center hub and another circles surrounding the entire impeller. So the outer bounds of the symbol are defined by the outer circle so it should be symmetrical if this matters?

Any way to stop this aspect ratio change or correct for it based on rotation?

I don't have the symbol library so I can't try rotating one of the supplied symbols to see if the effect is the same. Maybe it's a compatibility issue with Draw? I've tried to cut/paste from other programs with various degrees of success but Draw seems to be the most accurate and seems to be what other people are having luck with.

And suggestions would be appreciated.


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The image is most likely coming in square and not circular despite what it looks like. Probably the easiest solution is to rotate the image in Draw and paste each frame as a separate image, thus not using the rotation feature of DAQFactory.

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Yes, I can see how it's trying to fit the square bounding box into the symbols bounding box. I tried testing some other simple symbols and they all do it. Seems like it makes the whole rotate feature useless.

I am using the approach you recommenced and just making the changes in Draw and adding multiple WMFs to the symbol.

Thanks for the help.

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