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Is there a way to overlay pages programmatically? I've read the examples in the user guide and searched forums, but all appear to use the button action to display overlayed pages. Can I specify overlays using something like

Page.strCurrentPage ="Page_1" + chr(10)+ "Page_2"

I've setup a main page as a toolbar with common components etc and various pages with specific info. As the user navigates I'd like to always display the toolbar, but not all navigation is done using buttons. Some is from sequences.


I have a popup numeric keyboard (it's a touchscreen app without keyboard), after the user enters a number, depending on a result they may be taken back to current page, or move on to next page.

Apologies if this has been covered ad nauseam

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Hi Guru,

Dont understand why it not works on my side :( . There are 2 pages called pgA and pgB on my application, if i used a button.Action to do Quick sequence like "chang Page", pgA <Enter> pgB then it is OK, means pgA and pgB are shown together.

So if i do it from a Popup, its Quick sequence is "page.strCurrentPage = "pgA, pgB" then only pgA shown, reversely like "page.strCurrentPage = "pgB, pgA" then only pgB shown :(

Pls help, thks.

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