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I have a USB barcode reader that the PC reads as a keyboard

is there any way of reading keyboard text in without using a dialog box?


a text stream from the reader is put into a variable directly?

the text entry component needs to be selected first and I am trying to avoid a dialog box

The PC does not have a keyboard attached and entry is by onscreen keys and barcode



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Not particularly easily because there is no easy way to direct where the text is going. You can use just an edit box on the main screen, but that would require extra clicks to put the cursor in that field.

My suggestion is to go out and buy a different barcode reader, one that comes in as a serial stream, either through a serial port directly, or if you have to (though less preferred from a software standpoint), one with a USB connection and a virtual comm port driver. Then you can use the normal DAQFactory serial comms to detect the scans in the background. It is MUCH easier this way, and well worth the $150 or so you'll have to spend on a new bar code reader.

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