"Second Instance of DAQfactory" on startup


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Recently I've been having a problem with DAQfactory. I've been getting the popup box claiming that I am running a second instance of the program. This happens not only when there are no remaining DF processes but also upon windows startup. This is a problem because the computer is set to reboot itself at a certain time every night, and Df won't resume functioning until someone comes in and hits the "ok" button.

I have found no evidence of any DF process running. If I exit DF, make sure it closes completely, and restart, the problem persists. It happens both when I launch by a ctl file or the program itself.

I am running XP SP3

Any help would be appreciated.

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OK, seeing that we just released and this is a simple thing to fix, we've updated the 5.85 release to allow you to turn this check off. You'll need the 5.85 as of today (build 1849 or later). The setting is under File - Preferences and applies to all documents on that PC (its a PC specific setting, not a document setting).

Note that if you use a hardware key, the 2nd instance check does not occur either.

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