Multi Master Modbus Communication

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i think it's better explain what i need to do; this is a scada working on High Voltage Distrubution failure

system which has far interval places located cells . In local cells there is some protection devices which are

cutting field at high current failure values. They're providing Modbus and IEC 60870-5-103 protocols. and i

want to use Modbus at this system.A modbustcp to modbusrtu device going to use for

converting communication.Modbus has poll/response architecture. But in this system i have many devices

to check if there is a trip status. So i hear the trip too late.

i think it'll better if i may check the devices via a PLC in local cells. then PLC should send me a trip

information via ModbusTCP when the failure occurs. Here is the question, may i create many "ModbusTcp

device" in DF which has same IP address and different port numbers to eliminate the same time

superposition problem. Or will this eliminate it? thank you.

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I'm assuming you mean using DAQFactory as a Modbus Slave? If so, yes, you could create multiple Devices in DAQFactory, all Ethernet Server. You don't specify the IP, but you'd have to specify a different port number for each remote PLC that connects as currently the Ethernet Server supports only one connection at a time. Then assign the same Modbus Slave protocol to each. Note that it is a single Modbus slave, so despite the fact that your remote PLC's are connecting to different ports in DAQFactory, you are still accessing the same slave data.

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