Difrrents protocol on the same COM


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I want to read from the same COM diffrents controllers with diffrents Protocol

one protocol is serial Modbus RTU the other is somthing like Fuji for example :


I wrote the protocol in the device configuration and its worjing well

bu I dont know if it will work to read from the same Comm diffrents protocol if for example cahnnel 1 is ModBus type and channel 2 is the new protocol ?

If I cant do it maybe I can write my own sequence and sending each time the diffrent string

for example first sending



And sending



what is the best way to do this ? can I work with channels ? or should it be throw seqences ? or maybe there is other why ?

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You can do it with channels provided you lockPort() and unlockPort() around your frame. The DF Modbus driver will do it around its frame. This will ensure there is no frame conflicts. However, I'm not sure that the protocols will work together in general on the same serial line because one device might get confused and think its command is for it, when its really for the other. For example, if your modbus device requires 010300...., and the other device has a command that starts with "0", both devices might respond, or the wrong one might respond. You are probably better off using two serial chains.

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