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I'm new to DAQ Factory and trying to create a button which prints a page with text on top.. and a graph at the bottom.

Inside the button I tried to use the printgraph() function, however, I get a popup window to export the graph. (which I don't want). Another method I tried is using Page.PrintPage("mypage") but doesn't print the graph / hangs up.

Is there a way to capture that graph image (with the curves) and print it along with rest of the page.


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The problem is with the screen refresh rate.

I had the same.

On The button set the screen update rate to Zero, Wait about 1 second, Then issue the page print command.

Restore the screen update rate.

Just a heads up,

I also had a load of formatting issue's with the print depending on Tag legend size.

Really struggled to get the graph the fit nicely. the trick i used was to draw a rectangle bordering the graph of a fixed size.

This forced an border and limits on the screen print.

Adjust the rectangle size as needed, and make the graph fit inside the rectangle.

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