Displaying cumulative watt hours from multiple channels

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Hi- I have a UE9 Pro running with DAQFactory 5.40, which I'm new to.

I've got 4 analogue inputs which I'm displaying successfully on screen to display the current watts produced by a generator.

I'd like to total the 4 inputs and display the cumulative watt/hour total on-screen with a reset button to zero this total.

I found this post which looks like it does half of what I'm looking for, but the total seems to be counting up and down, which can't be right?!


As a starting point I tried displaying the watts from one channel.

I'm using

sum(Bike1[floor(systime()/86400)*86400, systime()])

(where Bike1 is the channel's name)

Could anyone shed any light on this for me?


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If the total is going between -1 and 1, then likely you forgot to set the Timing to 0 when you created your Test channel.

In general the steps are:

1) create a Test A to D channel with Timing = 0. Make sure the Channel # is unique for each Test channel you create. For these instructions, I'll call it "total"

2) in an autostart sequence initialize "total" to 0:


3) in the Event for the channel you wish to totalize, put:

total.addValue(bike1[0] + total[0])

4) to reset, simply set total to 0 the same way you did in step 2.

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