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I have a project with graphing, that will likely utilize DAQCONNECT.

What I want to do, is provide real time mudlogging data, at daqconnect.

The usual tags are ROP, GAS, BLOCK Height, etc.

But in Addition, I want to provide 2 GRAPHS of LITHOLOGY, and ROCK DESCRIPTIONS.

These, two "TAGS", are not "channels", per se, that can be graphed with a line-connecting the dots.

My question, is, is there a way to take collums of information, or text files, from another (drafting) application,

and PLOT these 2 tags-LITHOLOGY, and DESCRIPTIONS, directly into a gettime graph at DAQCONNECT??

Other companies are doing this, although I can't be certain, they are using DAQCONNECT. to accomplish,

the desired/accomplished result.


Thanks, in advance, For any guidance on this problem. :)

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Well, you can do x/y graphs in DAQConnect using just a little script (email DAQConnect support for help). In DAQFactory you can read these columns of data from a text file using the File. functions, then either push them into a channel marked for DAQConnect, or use the DAQConnect.AddValue() function to just push it there from script.

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I could have DF read the text files, but I can anticipate some problems.

Let's say I had a rock descripstion on the mudlog like so:


-50 -100

Conglomeratic Sand: yelsh to orangish brown, abd pebbles to tr cobbles,sbrnd, p srtd,abd schist lithics.^"

Where quotes encapsule the part of the text file that I want to put on a graph.

And, used the insert.time fumction for the depth 50, to place the description where it belongs. ? Where depth is a channel.

Would, "Conglomeratic Sand: yelsh to orangish brown, abd pebbles to tr cobbles,sbrnd, p srtd,abd schist lithics.^"

be able to be plotted in DF, and/or DC?

The Lithology column has different problems. An example of the text file for Lithology is like so:



-50 -80 20 80

-80 -110 40 60

-110 -130 40 60

-130 -160 10 30 60

-160 -190 15 55 20 10

-190 -220 10 20 50 20

-220 -285 20 60 20


The problem for depths 50 to 80 with 20% siltstone and 80% fine sand, is not as simple as just reading a text file.

1) I need sybmols for siltstone, and fine sand, that get graphed, where the x-scale is 0 to 100. And the Y-scale is (get time) for the depths 50 to 80.

So, How can I write script for the different rock symbols? And I need quite a few different symbols, to graph the mudlogs.

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You can't graph either of these using the standard features of the graphs in either DF or DC. This is just way too custom of an application. That said, you can do it in both apps. For the strings, basically you'll need to create a text control containing the description and then calculate, using the current graph scaling and the current graph location, the location this text control should be on the screen (in pixels). Its basically the same with the lithology, except you are going to have to resize the graphics as well to show percentages. This isn't particularly hard in either program, but would take a little experimentation to get it right, so I can't just give you working script in the forum. This is, by the way, slightly easier to do in DAQConnect than DAQFactory simply because you can dynamically add images in DAQConnect, where in DAQFactory you'll have to premake a bunch of controls to hold the images.

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  • 4 months later...


I went with assigning channels to the rocks/lithology, and created an X vs Y graph. As it is, it works, but would like to assign the graph type for y axis to area, and so as to shade the individual rock types with a single color.

For example Sand would be 0 to 50%, and the graph gets shaded from 0 to 50 under the curve. I can get a curve to plot this way when the graph is inverted-say limestone = (100-limestone) *(-1). But not for the sand

curve where the expression is (Sand)*(-1).

The times minus 1, is needed, to plot, 100% to the left, along the x axis, and 0% to the right.

The Y axis is for Depth, and is similar inverted, due to deeper depths needing to propagate Down, along the Y axis.

A simple line style graph will work, but I would like to shade the % for each rock type. Even better, I would like a shaded-fill, so that sandstone would have dots-shale dashes, etc. Is it possible to get a Shaded Fill, for area curves, other than only colors?

Thanks! :)

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