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Yes, I am thinking of an alphabetical list of all sequence code, functions etc, possibly with links to a relevant section of the user guide.

Occasionally I can remember some of the code to use, but have to search the user guide to find the correct syntax. An example maybe -- component.g1.strText =

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That's not a bad idea. Maybe in a separate reference guide as there are lots of functions. Question for you: should it be grouped on object or on actual variable. So, for example, the function:


should it be under S with all the other system. functions, or m for messageBox()? Or perhaps under S, but with a link under m?

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Provide indices for both orderings with crosslinks between.

This provides a very efficient way to jump between 'families' of functions - we're often working with several functions within the same family to code a complete subtask.

It also enables the use of our brains' content-addressibility strengths to complement the brute-force Search method.

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