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I am considering upgrading from Express to the full version. I downloaded the trial version on to another computer and copied my CTL across. It will not run the CTL, and keeps telling me that Labjack is not connected (even though I transferred across).

Can you tell me if I need to rewrite the CTL for the full version before it will work?



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No. There is no difference between Express and the regular DAQFactory except for a few build flags that limit features. So, documents created in Express will work with any other version of DAQFactory (though if you are moving from 5.84 or before to 5.85+ Express, you will lose some channels, FTP and Email access due to changes in the Express feature set).

Most likely your problem is incompatible or missing LabJack drivers. I'd make sure you are running the latest LabJack UD as well as the latest firmware on your LabJack. Then run LJControl Panel and see if it finds your LabJack. If not, contact LabJack. If so, determine the ID and make sure you are using the same one in DAQFactory.

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