Interpretation of values for .align property

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Some elements (in this case a variable value display) don't have text justification control in the dialog. It can be controlled through manual or programmatic control of the .align property of the element, but the manual doesn't document what options are available and which mode maps to what integer value of the property.

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Its actually also in the generic Properties window (the one you get when you do View - Properties). The codes are straight forward:

0 = default

1 = left

2 = center

3 = right

Note that in 0 mode, the size of the control is determined by content. For the others, you can resize the control. This is especially handy if you have a background on the control.

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There is a workaround.  In the View -> Properties dialog, the background color will still appear to be set to what it was before you changed the alignment, even though the background is displaying white.  If you change the background color to something else, then change it back to what you want, it will work, and it will stick.

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Also, this functionality has been changed in 17.2.  We just couldn't figure out the logical reason!  For existing applications with components marked center and no color, it will still paint white, but if you create a new component it will only paint a white background if you explicitly give it one.

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