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I have set up aquisition, display and logging to reflect sudden ionospheric disturbances and indicating the time of same using UTC time. However, when I save data to be charted in EXCEL, that program indicates that there is a maximum number of data points that can be accepted. I am presently logging at the LabJack/DaqFactory default of every second. How can I modifiy DaqFactory to aquire/log data at say every 5 seconds intead of every second so that I can record 24 hours of data in each EXCEL chart?

Also, thanks for your help on charting UTC time - it worked.

Jim Allen

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1st, among other things, the problem using Excel for data analysis, as you've seen, is that its limited to 65535 rows. Given that there are 86400 seconds in a day, it therefore can't handle a day's worth of data at one second intervals. So my first suggestion is to consider using a real data analysis tool rather than Excel. I personally recommend Igor Pro from Wavemetrics and used it for years in a previous life. It is very easy to use for the beginner, but has a powerful scripting language for the advanced user (much like DAQFactory actually).

But to answer the original question, simply change the Timing parameter for your channel from 1 to 5 to get it to take data every 5 seconds.

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