Installation problem on XP embedded


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I'm running a system with Windows Embedded Standard (XPe) and I get the following error when I try to run the latest DF installation

Cannot prepare main package

Probably corrupted package, incorrect TMP/TEMP variable, or there is no execute permission for temporary folder

Package is good, have downloaded and checked several times

I've checked the TMP/TEMP variables and they are ok

User has administrator rights

Created a new Temp folder c:\Temp and set environment variables to point to it, execute permissions should be ok, but can't find how to check

Is this a Windows issue or is it a compatibility issue with XP embedded

I realise that not all XPe images are created equal, but I have a standard/general purpose image from vendor so should have components required to install a program

Has anyone else had problems installing on XPe.

Any tips or thoughts would be appreciated



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I know of a number of people that have used DAQFactory with XPe with no issues (at least that they reported). Perhaps they saw the same thing and figured it out without asking? Sounds like the package can't extract itself for the install. The install package has to unzip to a temp folder, then move the files from there to the end location. If the temp folder doesn't exist, or you don't have write privileges, it won't work.

You can always install DAQFactory manually. Just copy the DAQFactory folder over. Then copy all these files from the system32 directory, but only if they are NEWER than the ones already there (if they are already there).






opcsvrbr.ocx -> register

tapiexct.dll -> register






opcproxy.dll -> register

opcenum.exe -> register

opcdatx.ocx -> register

opcdaauto.dll -> register

opccomn_ps.dll -> register

You can skip all the ones with "OPC" in the name if you aren't using OPC, and the "tapi" one if you aren't using the autodialer.

Finally, in the registry, in Local_machine/software/DAQFactory/Control add a string entry called "Installation Path" that contains the full path to DAQFactory ("c:\daqfactory" typically).

Note that you'll still have to license DAQFactory on the new computer.

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