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I have had DAQ FACTORY running for several years under WINDOWS XP and 7 32 bit. I just installed a new computer with WINDOWS 64 BIT; DAQ FACTORY now shuts down with out a reason and if it does not shutdown some of the sequences will stop running.

DAQ FACTORY was the first program installed so I ruled out influence from other programs. I am using DAQ Version 5.86 build 1924 and it runs with a HARDWARE KEY.

The sequences input data from a *.txt file; attached is one of the sequences and the *.txt file it uses.

Help appreciated; let me know what else you may need

Bill Lynn



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First DAQFactory runs fine on Win7-64. I run it on my machine and the latest versions are even compiled under x64. However there are a number of changes that can affect applications in DAQFactory. The first is the changes with file access. It is much tighter in win7. But that usually doesn't cause a crash, though can cause sequences to stop. The more likely scenarios are either sequence timing has changed slightly because your PC is faster or you have issues with your hardware drivers. Hardware drivers are much more sensitive to the operating system, and must be written to support each one. DAQFactory is unfortunately at the mercy of hardware drivers and will crash if a driver it calls crashes it. Of course this doesn't apply if you are doing serial or Ethernet comms with Modbus or other built in protocol.

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I appreciate your quick response but it does not answer the question.

I have attached a screen print of the error message that "SOMETIMES' displays when the sequence shuts down.

Please revies this error message with the sequence attachment and file attachemnt submitted with my original message and provide some details of what you think is going on.

I do not understand where hardware drives become involved when the sequence is reading from a txt file.

If "file access is tighter in Win 7" can you suggest a change in the sequence to eliminate this???


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The error message explains the problem. The variable "FileHandle" does not actually hold a valid file handle. This is because this line:

private filehandle = File.Open("C:\WEATHER_STATION_DATA\WJLDATA_30_TEST.TXT",1,0,0,1)

failed and you didn't check to see if it failed or not. Actually, the easiest way to see if it failed is to let it try and read from the handle, but you need to use try/catch around the file. functions or the sequence will stop because there is no error handling.

As for why that line is failing, the problem is most likely simply that there is a typo in the path, or you don't have read access to that folder. Its also possible that another program has the document opened for exclusive use, which means no other program can read the file.

Also, as a side note, you should have the File.Close() function BEFORE the delay() so the file isn't kept open. To keep the sequence from stopping you should have a try/catch/endcatch around everything in the while/endwhile loop EXCEPT the delay(). But first, figure out why the file can't open. Also, once you do add error handling, make sure to at least put ? strLastError inside the catch() so you see any errors, otherwise the sequence will silently loop doing nothing. Something like:

	  private fileHandle = ....
	  ? strLastError

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  • 2 weeks later...

I spoke too soon; still having problem with the program shutting down with no messages.

I thought I would uninstall DAQ FACTORY but it does not show up in "CONTROL PANEL-UNINSTALL PROGRAMS" and there is no uninstall utility with DAQ factory so how do I uninstall????

Or do I just do another install and hope???

Windows 7-64bit system

Bill Lynn

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The problem seems to be getting worse.

Attached is a screen print from one of the shutdowns where there was a message; sometimes DAQFactory just shutsdown with nothing.

The second attachment is what I get when I view channel data and the third attachment is what I get when I left click on SEQUENCES.




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I'd need to see your doc to address any crashing issues.

As to the 2nd + 3rd screenshot. It appears the font is off. Go to File - Preferences and change the font there. You are the second person to report this (or maybe you reported this in another post, I didn't look). If you are the second, it appears maybe some Windows distributions aren't coming with the default font we've used for 10 years. It works fine on our Win7-x64 systems, so its not that. Are you running an embedded version of Win7? Or perhaps Win7-Home?

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