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I have a symbol component that I am moving across the screen based on

component.componentname.MoveTo (channel input). I would like to restrict the the maximum and minimum x and y component for the symbol so that it does not move off the screen (out of sight). Any help would be much appreciated.

cheers mark

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Do it in script. Probably the easiest thing to do is create a function to move a component and put the restrictions there. Something like:

function MoveTo(string name, x, y)
   if ((x < 0) || (y < 0) || (x > 2000) || (y > 2000))
	  ? "Invalid"
   execute("component." + name + ".moveTo(" + x + "," + y + ")")

Change the 2000's to whatever upper limits you want. Put this in a new sequence called "MoveTo". To use, simply call it as such:

MoveTo("componentName", 50, 60)

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