Can An Entire Page Be Disabled To Reduce CPU Load?


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Capturing and logging multiple channels of data at the rate required by the client is repeatedly stalled during the current monitoring phase, apparently due to the many conversions occurring at a millisecond rate.

Is it possible to inhibit all processing on one page to preferentially run another page strictly for logging and export purposes?

Or should we alternate between different .CTL files using ShellExecute or some other mechanism?

Switching delays would not be an issue.

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To avoid delays caused by pages, just switch to an empty page, however, a better solution is to make sure the high speed stuff is running at a higher priority than the UI. You could also use Acquire mode, running two copies of DAQFactory on the same computer. Run one in Acquire mode with no UI, and the other only has the UI and connects to the first one. You'll have to disable broadcasting on the UI document.

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