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I've made a new channel with Device type FX-3U(Mitsubishi PLC)

In I/O Type, I've used three different categories:-

(1) Read Bit

(2) Read Unsigned Word

(3) Write Unsigned Word

The Command-Alert is showing the following error:-

P-MitFX 6008: Invalid Address

Also, while writing expression as described in User's Guide for Display-Variable Value, the expression syntax is not showing a green background. It means the expression is not working OK.

Please guide!

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The address for Mitsubishi FX devices must be placed in the Quick Note / Special column for the channel. Please see section 16.9.4 of the user's guide for more info.

Since you aren't reading any values, the expression is going to be red. It will likely go green once you have successfully read values from your PLC.

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