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You don't want to set a timing for an output. That'll just set it to 0 at the interval you specify. You have two choices here:

1) in the logging set details, put the Align Mismatch as "Duplicate Last Value" and make sure you initialize the output at least once on startup

2) create a second channel, probably Test, Dig Out, and then in the Event on one of your input channels, put something like:

myTestChannel.addValue(insertTime(myDigOut, myInChan.time[0],0))

where myTestChannel is the Test channel you created, myDigOut is your digital out, and myInChan is the channel you have this script in. This will cause myTestChannel to be updated with the current status of the digital out every time the input channel updates.

3) consider using a true analog input / digital input to get feedback from the actual output. This is the best method because it tells you what the actual output is reading in hardware, but requires an extra input, and some simple wiring.

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