Updating multiple outputs with one control

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I'd like to be able to update two analog output channels using only one control. For instance, if I have a slide control, I'd like the value associated with it to update two different channels with the same value.

How do I do this? I was thinking at first of associating the control with a VChannel, and have the value in the VChannel regularly transferred to the two analog channels every time it changes. I don't really know how to do this, is the problem.



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For controls with an Action tab, like buttons, you can just create two actions, unless you want the Set to action. For this, and for many other controls you'll have to use a Test D to A channel. Just create a new channel, device type Test, D to A, and have the control change it's value. Then go to the Event tab for the channel and set your two real channels based on the value of the test channel, something like:

Realchannel1 = testChannel

Realchannel2 = testChannel

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