Print a CSV logging file through DAQ factory

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I developed a ctl that runs on a tablet PC that is connected to a printer. The client wants to be able to print his logged data from the CSV file by selecting his data range and click on a button using daq factory since using a mouse is a limited option and doing it without using a mouse is not as convenient. What I am looking at is to search the date and time on a CSV file that is logged by the DAQ logger then access the corresponding rows and print it in the same order it is displayed in the CSV file.

Can I do that ?

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You can, but if the data is stored across multiple files, then you are going to have to write a fancy algorithm for cycling through the files. If the data is in one file, then its pretty easy. Truthfully, the best thing would be to log the data to a MySQL database, then you can query for exactly what you need through SQL.

But, if you are using a single file, you'll want to use the File.Open(), File.ReadDelim() and File.Close() functions to retrieve all the data. Provided you pass -1 for the column for ReadDelim(), you'll end up with an 2 dimensional array. Time is the first column which you can filter on. So if the result of readDelim() was put in a variable called "datain", you would do:

datain = filter(datain, datain[][0] >= starttime && datain[][0] <= endtime)

This reduces the data set down to the desired time range. Then you can use File.Open(), WriteDelim() and Close() to write the result to a temporary file. Then to print, simply use system.shellExecute() to run Notepad.exe with the "print" option and the temporary file:

system.shellExecute("notepad.exe", "print", "myTempFile.csv","","hide")

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