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I use the DAQFactory to control the labjack U6 and need to measure a voltage difference about 0.05 volt,

so I measure measure the voltage in AIN0 and AIN1, and make voltage[0] minus voltage1[0], the problem is the voltage difference is too small. I need more precision. I need to set the gain to 100 ,

I read labjack user guide"2.6.2 converting binary readings to voltages"

But I am know little about programming. Could you please help me about the scripting , the set the gain of AIN0 AIN1 to 100 ??

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DAQFactory already converts the binary readings to voltages. I recommend reading the DAQFactory - LabJack Application guide, specifically section 9.3.1 step 2 as thermocouples are also very small signals. This shows the lines of script required to change both the gain and the resolution. Please contact LabJack support concerning what gains are available.

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