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As a brief background to our DAQ requirement, we use dry contact relays to trigger a DVR and, at the same time, take a snapshot of weather data at the time the dry contact relay was triggered. This all needs to be logged in the attached spreadsheet format.

Therefore, is it possible, within DAQFactory, to create an Export Set, or similar, to create a spreadsheet like the attached PDF?

Many thanks.



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This sounds like the right Forum topic, however the previous posts don't appear to be germane to this subject.


I would like to use the Table Component create a maintenance page with a Tables of the I/O, to operate in runtime, by operators or users with limited access.



I/O Point:    Value:       Units:

AI_1           150            PSI

AI_2           30              DegC


AI_50         100            %


First I tried to transpose the table so each row had an expression and a title.  That didn't seem possible.


Then I tried to use arrays.

Expression {"AI 1","AI 2",.....,"AI 50"}       Title "Analog Inputs"

Expression {AI_1[0],AI_2[0],....,AI50[0]}  Title "Values"


This works if I put in a single channel (i.e. AI_1[0] ), and yields a value (i.e. 150)

When I change to an array.  It yields all zeros.




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You can't put variables inside {} notation.  You would have to create a variable and fill it:


global values   // don't use "Value" as that's a reserved word

values[0] = AI_1[0]

values[1] = AI_2[0]

// etc..


You probably want that in a loop updating every second or whatever interval you need.  Then have the table Expression for the second column be simply:



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