expressions on virtual channel

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For an exercise, I made the following exression concerning three virtual channels;

V.DataBoxV03 = V.DataBoxV01[0] + V.DataBoxV02[0]

It worked well when the expression was put on a local channel, whereas it did not work on a virtual channel.

This leads me to infer that expressions work only on local channels.

Is it right?

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The box labelled "Expression" in the V Channel is an expression, not script. An expression is a formula that results in a value. Anything with = in it is a statement (assignment in this case). AddValue() is also a statement because it doesn't return anything.

If you want V.DataBoxV03 to equal the sum of the other two, just put:

V.DataBoxV01[0] + V.DataBoxV02[0]

in the expression. Or drop the [0] and get the whole history.

I thought you put those statements in a sequence.

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