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I have 2 LabJack UE9's communicating using Wifi.

Currently one is off-line but DAQFactory looks for it every second or so and after interrogating for it for about an hour or 2, DAQFactory hangs and stops collecting data from the other LabJack and fails to perform sequences.

I tried removing the off-line LabJack ip address, which improved things a bit, but the assigned channels must still be querying for data. I unchecked broadcast from these channels but that had no effect.

Short of deleting all of these channels is there some other option to disable channels temporarily when a LabJack is off line so that DAQFactory doesn't trip over itself and stall?

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If DF is hanging, there is most likely something else going on, probably with your logic. I'd have to see your .ctl doc to find out. If it isn't your logic, then its the LabJack UD driver from LabJack, not DAQFactory as that driver handles all the communications with the LabJack devices. If that driver hung, it would propagate back through and make DF appear hung. So, my first suggestion is to go to labjack.com and make sure you are running the latest firmware and have the latest UD driver installed.

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Have you isolated the problem to only occuring in a DF program that is set up for 2 UE9s?

What if you make a simple CTL that just talks to 1 UE9?

What if you run LJLogUD instead, or the test panel in LJControlPanel?

What do you have to do to recover? This app note is just USB so far, but see the recover choices:


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