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DAQFactory 5.87 includes several new features and a new license type:

Web Service Call: DAQFactory can now perform a simple web service call. A web service call is a function that will download from a web page and return the contents of that web page. Typically this is used on sites that return data, usually in XML format, for example weather sites. The function is HTTP.Get() and takes the two parameters, the URL of the server and the path on the server. It returns a string that you'll then need to parse for the desired data. We've included a sample in the samples folder called HTTPGet.ctl that downloads weather data and parses it into a few channels.

SetFocus / GetFocus: Two new functions were added to all components. GetFocus() returns true if the component currently has focus, while SetFocus() will actually set focus to the component. A component with focus has the cursor and accepts keyboard input. Obviously, this is meaningless to some components, but very useful in ones like edit boxes. Again, we've included a sample in the samples folder called setFocus.ctl that shows how you can use this to allow tabbing between two edit boxes on a page (a feature we hope to have built in soon, but this is the first step).

System.DisplayCursor: this new variable allows you to hide the cursor. This is designed for touch screen applications where a cursor makes no sense, and is distracting. Set this variable to 0 to hide the cursor, or 1 to restore it. This affects all of DAQFactory, but doesn't affect the rest of Windows.

Department Teaching Site License: this new license type is available for degree-granting educational institutions. It is a single site license for a department in an institution for teaching purposes, and makes it quite affordable to use DAQFactory to teach data acquisition, SCADA, or even use it as a tool to teach other concepts like a physics or chemistry lab. This license is available in Base and Pro form. Base is $1000, while the Pro form is $2000 (but due to our licensing with Symbol Factory, does not include the symbol library). Please contact us to purchase.

Bug fixes: there were also a couple bug fixes, specifically with the scroll bar and tree list control.

6.0: Now, for all those wondering about the big 6.0 release talked about in these forums, it was delayed largely because we had to migrate to a new compiler, which for a program written almost 11 years ago on a compiler that is even older was no small feat. That work is now largely done, even though from the outside DAQFactory looks almost the same. The new compiler will allow us to move forward with new Windows OS's, and take advantage of new OS features. It will also allow us to automate our build process more to allow for a much more rapid release cycle.

Because this has taken so long, we have decided not to make a big "6.0" release, but rather do incremental releases. This will allow our user's to receive and take advantage of new features often, and to give us feedback. We appreciate all your patience and feedback up to this point and encourage you to post suggestions for new releases in the New Feature Request forum. We will also be sending out a call for beta testers shortly, but you should feel free to email us at our support@ email at any time if you are interested. As a beta tester your feedback can have a more direct impact on shaping DAQFactory.

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Nice new features on the HTTP.Get function and set/get focus!

About DF6, this is a long awaited release to act like it's no big deal!

Would love to try it out when beta happens...

Any hints as to what 6.0 entails?

Thanks for everything AzeoTech!

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