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Greetings DF

Been awhile since I've been here, been busy with DF projects.

How can I tell what license key is attached to what computer? My hardware has been changing alot lately so I've sort of lost track of what I have and where. I have a Lite license and I think 4 Starter licenses.

I want to figure out what Starter licenses I've got operating and where as I will be shortly upgrading one to a Lite license.


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Checked my orders and I have 1 Lite and 3 Starters - I know what computer has the Lite but unsure where my 3 Starters are and what key was used to enable them.

I'm one of those that cares about licenses so if I need 3 then I buy three.

Guess what I'm getting at here is, I own 3 Starter licenses and I install DF on 3 computers and I use the same enable key for all 3 it wouldn't matter?

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No it won't matter. We only care that you the # of licenses of a particular type installed match the number you have bought.

BTW: my reminder wasn't meant necessarily for you, but simply for the general public. It is often misunderstood, despite our policy matching most other commercial software. I always liked Borland's EULA which compared software use to a physical book. You could move it around, but if you only owned one copy, you couldn't read it in two places at the same time.

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