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Using Daqfactory Lite.

I'm working with another engineer and he wants to turn off the pointer of a linear gauge (display) when the pointer goes below or above a predefined point. Is it possible? If it is possible how. I have no idea how to start.

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Sure. First you need to name the gauge component so you can access it from script. Select the gauge, right click and select Component name... Give it a unique name.

Then, and I'm assuming the gauge is just displaying the value of a channel, go to the Event for that channel and put in script like this:

component.myGauge.PointerSize = (myChannel[0] > 3) * 5

where "myGauge" is the name you gave the gauge, "myChannel" is the channel, "3" is the predefined point, and "5" is the size of the pointer when its displayed.

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